When should one consider wisdom teeth removal?

In some cases, teenagers and young adults are left wondering whether they should have their wisdom teeth removed or not. Your dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal but you may feel that this is not the right thing for you to do, especially because wisdom teeth never grow again once they’re removed. At times the wisdom teeth may not be a problem to you and therefore you will not find a good reason for you to remove them but some situations will force you to make this tough decision you don’t want to make. Deciding on whether you should have your wisdom teeth removed or not is always a decision you make as an individual but when you hear this from your dentist then no it’s necessary to have the wisdom teeth removal done.

Instances when one should consider wisdom teeth removal

There are instances when the only solution you have is having your wisdom teeth removed and nothing else can be done. You need to realise which instances require wisdom teeth removal adelaide and which do not. This is to make sure that you make the right call whenever it’s time for you to have your wisdom teeth removed even if you don’t want them to be removed. The following are instances when wisdom teeth removal is necessary:

  • Infection and inflammation

Due to partial impaction and limited space, your wisdom teeth can often make your gum inflamed. Gum inflammation is usually painful and could lead to gum disease and other health problems. In most cases when you have inflammation in your gum it can be very difficult for you to find a solution to this problem since it spreads very fast to the other surrounding area leading to more pain. When you have an impacted tooth The separation between your tooth and the gum will create a surface for bacteria to breed on which will lead to infections. In case we are suffering from inflammation and infection then the best thing to do is to have your dentist conduct a wisdom teeth removal procedure.

  • Overcrowding

When most wisdom teeth are erupting they try to enter an area that is already occupied by other teeth. Since the room is very looking for the wisdom teeth to move into the other child will be pushed aside leading to misalignment. Despite the lovely smile you have when this happens the wisdom teeth destroy your smile and to solve this problem you have to remove the wisdom teeth causing overcrowding.

  • Nearby teeth are damaged

Apart from invading the space of the other teeth, wisdom teeth are also known to do more harm to the neighbouring teeth. For instance, they can cause damage to the adjacent second molar by causing cavities and bone loss. Also, the misalignment caused by overcrowding of the wisdom teeth could result in problems such as pain biting problems and even making it hard for you to brush or floss your teeth which ends up leading to cavities and tooth decay. In case you realise that the wisdom teeth erupting in the gum are damaging the nearby teeth it’s important to consider a wisdom teeth removal.

  • Damaged jaw

Apart from damaging the nearby teeth, wisdom teeth could also damage the jaw. At first, you’ll experience some stiffness and pain but eventually, the jawbones are completely damaged, hindering your mouth from functioning or moving. In case you have a damaged jaw as a result of erupting wisdom teeth you should get them removed.

  • Pain and sensitivity problems

When you have impacted wisdom teeth you end up experiencing so much pain. At times it can be difficult to detect what the problem is but when you realise that the sensitivity and pain you are experiencing is as a result of wisdom teeth you should have them removed.

Final thoughts

Make sure that you do not accommodate any of the above issues that could make your life miserable. They may also result in complications that can be prevented by having wisdom teeth removal. Talk to your dentist and let them help you find out whether the dental problems you’re experiencing as a result of the eruption of your wisdom teeth or not. in case they make sure that you consider having a wisdom teeth removal procedure. 


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