When do you need to see a dietitian?

Everyone in Logan from your friends to your neighbours seems to have a sure-fire and healthy diet. While most of these diet pieces of advice are well-meaning, taking them literally should not be on your diet agenda.

TV and online ads are packed full of food information claiming to provide you with the quickest way to lose weight or eat healthily. Yet, they convey mixed messages that confuse rather than educate.

In Logan, sifting through all these food choices and pointing you in the right diet direction is by partnering with a dietitian, Logan.


A dietitian, Logan has to finish a four-year college degree and get licensed only after passing a national exam. Their hands-on training, education, and licensure enable them to provide solutions to all types of food-related health conditions, including:


Food sensitivities and allergies

There are some foods that people with food allergies or celiac disease cannot eat. With this, eating becomes a challenging task for people with food sensitivities. Yet, the challenge can be met when consulting with a dietitian.

Working with a dietitian ensures knowing the right foods to eat including a customised meal plan to follow. Food triggers are avoided with the right knowledge about the foods to eat and avoid. Getting your digestion back on track is achieved with help from a dietitian.

Your children are picky eaters

Children need a nutritious diet to help in their growth and development. Yet, children would rather eat crackers, donuts, hotdogs, and bread. Figuring out the best nutritious foods including the children’s food preferences can be helped by a dietitian. Additionally, consulting with a dietitian provides you with good strategies for helping children to try new kinds of foods.


You have chronic health conditions

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are some of the chronic health conditions directly linked to eating habits. Managing, avoiding, or stopping these health conditions can be achieved by dietary changes. A healthy diet coupled with exercise is strategies that a dietitian can help you with.


Wanting to move on to a vegan diet

Opting to go for an all-vegan diet means forgoing all sorts of meat foods. However, this could also deprive you of precious nutrients if you go in the wrong direction. The absence of meat products can make you miss out on some of the most important food nutrients. The smartest way to get a balanced diet when you decide to go vegan is to consult with a dietitian. He/she is the pro that can create a well-rounded and healthy vegan diet.


Losing weight

Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge for people with weight problems. Fad diets are not the smartest ways to lose weight and keep it off for a long time. Feeling deprived is the thing that prevents people from sticking to fad diets. Consulting with a dietitian provides the best way to gain healthy eating habits to help you lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.


Overall healthy eating habits

Overall healthy eating habits have to be learned and practiced. Seeing a dietitian offers the perfect solution when you want to stick to lifelong healthy eating habits. A dietitian can create new food ideas as well as teach you the real score about various food types.


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