Beauty Therapy Tricks and Hacks

Whether you are a beauty pro or a newbie, here are a few makeup tricks that will make your life a little bit easier. For example, why struggle to apply cat eye pencil when some tricks and hacks can make its application 100 times easier and smoother. Sharing is caring, I hope you find the following hacks helpful in beauty and therapy aspirations. If you are a makeup artist, these hacks will open more opportunities when clients keep coming, and if you are an end-user, they will help you get out of your bathroom sooner than before.


Tips to apply the concealer

It is the rule of thumb for the ladies in the beauty industry, apply the foundation first before the concealer. Applying the foundation will minimize discolouration or redness in the skin. Foundation is key before the rest of the products. Now come with the concealer and spot any remaining redness or zits. Doing this will also help reduce the number of makeup products your face will consume. Another advantage is; foundation before the concealer prevents caking and creasing.

Maintain your eyebrows: These are noticeable pieces that you should give extra attention to before getting out off your doorstep. If you are too busy to prep your eyebrows, give at least ten seconds of your morning prep time to at least comb with a spool brush. If you have time for pencils and gels, melt the pencil tip for smoother and easy application.

Prep your lips before lipstick: There are times when you apply lipstick and it doesn’t achieve the desired smoothness. The problem lies in prepping your lips before lipstick. First, scrub your lips with scrub products to help smoothen your lips before lipstick. Pro tip – only scrub once a week or you risk irritation.

Use white eyeliner pencil before the desired eyelid shadow: White eyeliner pencil will make the less pigmented eyeshadows appear vibrant. The white eyeliner pencil will help intensify your eyeshadow.

Map the contours on your face before using a makeup brush: Not all faces have the same contours but you can map yours with a brush stick and apply the bronzer accordingly.

Mix lip colour with jelly: You have eyeshadow powder that you love, so you want to use it on your lips. Mix it with jelly and you have a matching eyeshadow with your lipstick. Have your custom lipstick within a few minutes by mixing them in a spoon.

Blot extra oil with toilet paper: You heard it right; toilet paper performs the same function as blotting paper, both are made from the same material. This will help absorb excess oil from your face so that you remain with the right amount.

Wrap Up

If you are a makeup artist, these tricks and hacks are helpful in your career. Some of these tricks are DIY and might not be taught in beauty colleges. Creativity is key in delivering the best beauty results to your clients so that you remain on top of their list when they want makeup done on their faces. If you are a client, these tricks and hacks will cut down the cost of hiring a makeup artist; you can do it alone in the comfort of your bathroom. You will get more hacks in the next issue, keep yourself logged on!

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